This is the local unit of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL) for Blaine, Coon Rapids and Spring Lake Park Minnesota. 

“It is no longer enough to be ‘non-racist’, it is vital to be anti-racist… “

Click the following link to an important and informative article on Elle Australia entitled How to Become a Better Ally to People of Colour. The article includes suggestions on books to read, podcasts to listen to, movie & TV shows to watch, social media accounts to follow and articles to read on becoming a better ally!  How to Become a Better Ally…  

Black Lives Matter, or All Lives Matter?

Black Lives Matter is a short slogan that must be understood in context, just as Pro-Life must be understood in context. Pro-Lifers often support the death penalty and non-defensive wars. “Pro-Life” does not fully reflect its primary meaning of being anti-abortion.

Similarly, Black Lives Matter does not imply that other lives don’t matter. It means that Black lives should *also* matter. The large number of documented, unjustified killings of Black people by police suggests that Black lives are expendable. Such police practices are destabilizing the nation.

The goal, of course, is to ensure that police use lethal force only as a last resort.

White Privilege or Anti-White BIas?

White Privilege is *not* about guilt or shame for the acts of ancestors.

It does not suggest that White people have an easy time.

It does not imply hatred of White people.

White Privilege simply means that they need not be conscious of the color of their skin in their daily lives. Whereas…

People of color, on the other hand, must be race-conscious when they apply for jobs ( job discrimination ), look for a mortgage ( redlining ), or drive to the store ( “driving while Black” ). Skin color can be a constant concern, in almost direct proportion to the amount of pigment in their skin. White privilege does not mean you haven’t struggled, it just means you haven’t struggled due to the color of your skin.

What do Democrats mean when they refer to themselves as progressive